A-League Team Update

By - 11th November 2017

This year the club decided to enter a team in the SECF “A” League.  This is played to advanced rules as a level game with a match consisting of 6 singles and 1 double.  Jamie Burch kindly gave some coaching regarding openings and leaves, which are an integral part of the game.  A team of six volunteered, including Andrew Grey and Geoff Gunton who had only played ‘Advanced’ in our club competitions.

The RPCC team (Roger Tedstone, Chris O’Byrne Andrew Gray and Neil), won 6-1 which was an excellent result for their first match.

RPCC team (Roger, Andrew, Neil and Geoff Gunton) won 6-1.  The losing match was against Mark Ormerod who is -1.5.

Jamie Burch joined Roger, Geoff and Neil for this match.  Surbiton fielded the England Mac team captain, Samir Patel (-2.5).  The highest handicap for the rest of the Surbiton team was scratch, so RPCC were up against it, and unsurprisingly lost 1-6.  However, in the game between Jamie and Samir they both tried sextuples, Samir missing a roquet after jumping through rover which allowed Jamie in.  He made his sextuple, but failed to get a rush on partner ball towards the peg after the rover peel.  His subsequent peg out failed, allowing Samir to win +1.  Roger won his game +22 against scratch player Andy Dibben

Tunbridge Wells
This match did not occur as a date could not be agreed, giving Tunbridge a walkover.

Final Result
Surbiton and Woking were joint 1st.  RPCC came 4th, which was pretty satisfactory considering we only managed to play three matches.  All in all, a good result.  The team look forward to competing again next year.