2020 Finals Day – Sunday 30th August

A few months ago, it was decided not to hold an official Finals Day this year, however as the situation has developed we have decided that four finals will take place on Sunday 30th August. The order of play will be as follows: 9am Frances Payne (Level Golf) John Bristow v Chris O’Byrne …followed by the Creed Memorial (Handicap Advanced)… Read more →

Croquet Stories – Simon

Seeing as there’s no croquet to be played at the moment, it means there’s some time for reflection on how some members got into croquet in the first place.  First up is club Secretary Simon Ling, and his story (or at least some of it!) is below. If you have a croquet story you’d like to share (not just Reigate… Read more →

Finals Results! From 1996…

With free time in abundance during the lockdown, Alan Slade was charged with clearing out old files at home, and came across this report from the Surrey Mirror. The picture is of Alan himself, with Becky Cosier. The text reads (with scores reformatted for easy reading!): REIGATE Priory Croquet Club’s annual finals weekend did not enjoy ideal weather but the… Read more →

Cryptic Quiz – Local Towns

During these self-isolating times, our croquet club members are staying in contact with each other, and the other day a quiz was devised and shared by Simon and Judy, with some tricky clues to lead you to some place names from the Reigate area (and maybe a little more towards Ashtead!).  Check your answers by clicking on the clues below… Read more →

Di’s Daily Discipline

With the lawn closed, members are having to compromise somewhat when keeping up their skills, and Di is a perfect example of this – her picture and words below…   Read more →

COVID-19 – Lawn Closure

As communicated to all members recently, all facilities at the club are now closed. While there was a little hope held out that, with sensible restrictions in place, croquet could possibly continue, it’s clear that it is no longer tenable. Obviously there’s no knowledge of when we’ll possibly be able to re-open, but this will clearly be entirely dependent upon… Read more →

Charity One Ball 2020

There was a fairly low turnout for this year’s Handicap One Ball, with only 8 contestants, but this made the organisation somewhat easier for Andy Gray, with 4 games being played at a time on the full lawn. Player on a full lawn, there were two blocks, with the winners competing in a final.  Caroline Barnard and Chris O’Byrne won… Read more →


A certain high-ranking, England-representing member had a slight issue today, when running 4-back from a few yards away in a friendly game of one-ball.  He even tried claiming a retake, due to the ball technically ending up in a wedged position…! Read more →

2020 One-Ball Charity Event

On Sunday 15th March we have our annual Charity One-Ball competition which, this year, is raising money for Macmillan. One Ball is Association Croquet, but with one ball per side, and tends to encourage accurate shooting and hoop running. It is also quick and ideal for playing in cold weather as each turn is generally short.  See our report on… Read more →

Christmas Cracker 2019

A well attended Christmas Cracker was helped out by a lack of precipitation, and heaps of mulled wine! With Martin’s leadership, a version of Golf was played on half lawns, where only 3 hoops were used per game.  This allowed 4 games to consistently be underway with no waiting, ensuring plenty of play for all, and very little sitting around.… Read more →