Chris Parker Wins the One Ball

By - 18th November 2018

1 Ball: A game played with 2 balls…

Chris Parker completed his brilliant season by winning the Winter One Ball Competition for the second year running.

All 4 blocks supplied clear winners, none of whom lost a game.  Parker played Claire Brugger in their semi final, in front of an impressive and somewhat interactive crowd! With this being Claire’s impressive first foray into the 1 Ball world, her 100% winning streak from her 4 block games against more experienced opponents came to an end, losing 2-0 despite building a strong lead in the first game.  In the other semi, Chris O’Byrne thought he’d beaten Lucy Beach, before they realised days later that they should have played Best Of 3.  Upon resumption, O’Byrne managed to progress to the final, ensuring the trophy engraver could get prepared by adding the winner’s first name to the trophy.

In the final, O’Byrne was giving away 2.5 bisques, but managed to take the first game +4 after some good hit ins, and then took a 4 hoop lead early in the second game.  However, at this point Parker decided to start showing what he could do, approaching hoop 2 from corner 2 and running it, without any kind of rush, but playing a great croquet stroke to get in front of 3, and continuing on to hoop 6, with 1 of his bisques still intact, and from that point taking control and winning with O’Byrne still on 3-back.

In the final game, Parker took an early lead without using any bisques, forcing O’Byrne into some more aggressive tactics, but to no avail as Parker confidently finished +8.

Having won this same competition last year off a 20 handicap, and this year as a 12, with a good many competition wins to his name over the past year, this was a fitting end to the competition and the season.