Club Teams

A quick guide to the various teams we have, competing in inter-club competitions.  You may also wish to visit the SECF guide to leagues.

A League

Advanced Association League -League did not run in 2022

A 4 person team, playing Advanced Level matches. Games are 3¼ hours, with a morning of a doubles match and 2 singles, and 4 singles in the afternoon.  Players from both teams are ordered according to handicap, starting with the best, from A-D.  A&B play A&B in the doubles, with C v D and D v C in the morning.  In the afternoon, A plays A, B plays B, etc.  There are 4 games in a season, against other clubs in the general vicinity.  Reigate had always played their matches away in previous years, due to only having one lawn.

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U League

Unrestricted Association Handicap League – Managed by John Bristow

This is similar to A League, but with some key differences.  Again, the team comprises 4 players, and the afternoon games are played in ranking order (lowest handicap plays against lowest handicap etc), but the morning doubles and singles are at the captain’s discretion (as long as they ensure the afternoon games won’t involve any repeats).  RPCC has to play all their games in home matches on two separate days as there’s only the single lawn. The “Unrestricted” bit refers to the fact that anybody can play, from a +26 handicap to a -3, although anybody with a handicap of over 20 would be treated as if they were a 20 for bisque allocation. Games are played with bisques off base 6 (so, for example, a 12 handicap always gets 6 bisques, regardless of their opponent’s handicap)

The U League team have had a certain degree of success in the past, having won it in 1996, 1997, 2001, 2002, 2010, and 2014 and again in 2022

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B League

Association Beginners League – Managed by Caroline Barnard

In this league the teams comprises of 4 players, 2 of whom play singles, while the other 2 play pairs. The captain gets to decide which 2 play in the doubles, and the two playing singles do so in handicap order relative to their opponents The combined handicaps of all 4 players must be at least 48 at the time the fixture is arranged. Like the U-league games are played with bisques off base 6. Games are limited to 3¼ hours.


S League

Association Single Lawn League – Managed by Phil Davies

A relatively new Association league, designed for clubs with only a single lawn. 3 people per team, with a doubles match and a singles match in the morning, and the same in the afternoon but with different pairings.    Games are limited to 3¼ hours.

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R League (also called GR League)

Golf Restricted League – Managed by Doug Dykes

Short for “Restricted League”, this is a Level Golf league, for handicaps of 2 and above. Team total handicap at least 16.  The format is the same as A League, but with a 1-hour time limit for each game played to 13 points , best of three.

H League (also called GH League)

Golf Handicap League – Managed by Judy Perry

A Handicap Golf League, with 4 people per team, playing in 3 rounds of 13 point games, with a 1- hour time limit.  First round is 2 sets of doubles, followed by all 4 singles, and completed with 1 doubles and 2 singles.

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