Copper Cups 2019 Final

By - 22nd August 2019

T’was a dark and stormy night when this final was played. Well not quite, but it was seriously rainy and gloomy – too dark to take any photos by the time the game ended. The start was delayed until 6pm due to traffic problems, until the teams were fully quorate.

John Knight and Simon Ling had 2½ bisques taking on Neil Coote and Phil Davies in the 18pt alternate stroke doubles. Both teams soldiered on in the worsening gloom; there were more players involved in the game than spectators in the grim conditions.

An hour in Neil & Phil had the edge being 4 hoops up, however, at the 2 hour mark by judicious use of their 2½ bisques John & Simon were on 4-back and penultimate with Neil & Phil on 4-back and Rover. In the increasing gloom it became harder to follow the game from the clubhouse, suffice it to say Neil and Phil managed to hold their nerve and pulled ahead to win by those 7 points.