Doug wins the Fuller Buckley

By - 21st August 2018

This year’s Fuller Buckley block stage had one particular stand-out event in that one block was won without any games being played!  The finalists Doug and Andy, having both maintained 100% records in their respective blocks, had no need for such fortune.

Andrew Gray won the toss and put Doug Dykes in, then missed his own tice from corner one. Doug made sparing use of his eight and a half bisques, making good progress without using many.

Andrew had a several impressive hit ins, but never got going, and seemed to have trouble with roquets of less than fifteen yards. Meanwhile Doug seemed to have a uncanny knack (known as Murray Control) for noddling through hoops leaving a near perfect rush to the next. After an hour and a quarter Doug pegged out with three bisques left, winning +24.