GC Ladies’ Day – Southwick

By - 19th July 2022

One lady down! Our team of 5 was reduced to 4, when Caroline contracted Covid on Thursday. Sue had developed a migraine type headache, which affected her all day, and we wondered whether Lorna would manage to play 3 singles and 3 doubles on such a hot day.

Despite this, Reigate came 3rd out of 12 teams with 4 wins against 6 by winners Surbiton. We narrowly beat Sussex into 3rd place with 8.5 games against their 8 games!

This year, in order to make the tournament more inclusive, there was a controversial change to the format. The lowest handicapped player in each round had to play level, with the other single and the double playing a handicap game. This was not popular with some players.

It was a long hot day, but luckily there was a fresh breeze. The lawns were running fast and true and a joy to play on.

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