Golf Friendly v Woking

By - 15th June 2018

The initial doubles games began in difficult drizzly windy conditions. Both our couples struggled against low handicappers, two of whom were not best pleased to arrive late after google maps had directed them to the Hon Sec’s house in Merstham! Both games were lost 3-7.

As the weather gradually improved so did our play, clearly showing the benefit of the team full lawn practice sessions which had taken place over previous weeks. All four morning singles games were won, with both Bob Nicholls and Michael Bye winning at the golden hoop, and John Dawson and Lorna Jenkins both winning 7-3. As well as playing, Lorna was doing the catering and provided an excellent lunch, despite a stressful experience earlier involving a flying fruit flan!

The afternoon games also went well with Lorna and Michael both winning their singles games (Michael after another golden hoop). In the final doubles game Bob and John came through 7-2, a success they put down to the fact that each of them was able to rescue his partner whenever he did something stupid (i.e. quite often).

Despite their 7-2 match defeat, Woking said they really enjoyed their day (once they’d arrived from their trip round Merstham!) The camaraderie between players had been excellent and the hospitality exceptional.