Golf Overview

Golf Croquet is simpler than Association in many ways, which can make it more appealing to new starters and casual players.

Aim of the Game

The idea is that you and your opponent have two balls each, and you both go around together, trying to get one of your own balls through each hoop in turn. As soon as somebody “runs a hoop”, they get a point, and you both move on to the next hoop.

The balls are always played in the same order, with you and your opponent alternating turns. In a regular game, the winner is the first to get to 7 points/hoops.


While Golf may seem somewhat trivial compared to Association, it is actually a tactically rich game, with decisions having to be made with every shot. The main decisions revolve around:

  • Should you get one of your balls closer to the hoop?
  • Should you try to run the hoop?
  • Should you try to hit your opponent’s ball away?
  • Should you concede the hoop before your opponent has run it, and start approaching the next hoop early?
  • Should you try putting your ball between your opponent’s ball and their target, to make their next shot harder?

…and there are many more, with lots of variations on the above.


In Doubles Golf, you and your partner take a ball each against your opponents, and work together with the same aim as above. Doubles Golf is commonly played at our Roll-up Sessions, which is a great way to share knowledge and tactics.

Golf can be incredibly satisfying, from occasionally running a hoop or hitting an opponent’s ball away from a long way across the lawn, to getting a little devious with your tactics to gain an advantage!

You can find an overview of the rules for more details, or you could watch a game or two, but the best way to find out more is to get stuck in, so why not come and join us?