Internal Semi Finals Announced

By - 29th July 2016

The block stages of the RPCC Internal Competitions have been completed, so now we know who is progressing to the semi finals, which must be completed by August 14th.

Congratulations to everyone below!

Freda Knight v Doug Dykes
Sue Rice v John Bristow

Fuller Buckley
Chris O’Byrne v Lucy Beach
Alan Slade v John Staddon

Martin Peacock/Neil Coote v Andrew Gray/John Prior
John Hyde/John Bristow v Simon Ling/Geoff Gunton

Gordon Goodchild
Martin Peacock/John Staddon v Laurence Hughes/Alan Slade
Mike Barnard/Andrew Gray v TBA*

John Staddon v Chris O’Byrne
Neil Coote v Andrew Gray


*The remaining finalist for the Gordon Goodchild is still being established