John & Lucy Win The Doubles

By - 18th August 2018

Lucy Beach and John Knight won the Alan Grant Candlesticks – our Handicap Association Doubles competition – through some excellent play by Lucy and judicious use of bisques.

With Lucy’s first shot of the game, she hit a 20 yarder to take control, but it wasn’t long before Neil Coote got in, and started to make some real progress.  A well-controlled break ended unfortunately after grovelling through 3-back, before Lucy used a single bisque to hit in, followed by an excellent break to Rover.  John’s progress was nearly stymied after a long hit in from Martin, but an inexplicable miss of a short roquet let them back in, along with further great hitting from Lucy.  John’s experience showed as the pair didn’t panic with their bisques, controlling the rest of the game to a +13 win.