Longman Cup v Woking

By - 15th July 2018

Having been unable to find a suitable time at Woking, and being unable to accommodate ourselves, this game ended up being played on neutral turf in Surbiton.  In short, we lost 4-3.

The lawns were super-fast, thanks to the Surbiton watering system not working, leaving the lawns bone dry and actually crisp underfoot. Reigate found it difficult to adjust to the lawn speed in the morning, but were more in harmony with it for the afternoon.  The conditions were definitely a factor with only 2 games finishing within time!

With John K’s game going to the wire (a classic -1 on time!), the result was in the balance right to the end, but it was not to be – until next year!


Results, RPCC players listed first:

Doubles: John B (9) & Doug (14) lost -9t  to Rod Steel (7) & Max Byfield (16)
Singles: Geoff (3.5) lost -16t to Colin Groves (9)
John K (14) lost +13t to David Mumford (3.5)

Geoff won +15t against David Mumford
John B won +16 against Rod Steel
John K lost -1t to Colin Groves
Doug Dykes lost -12 to Max Byfield