Removing the Ridge – Episode 6

By - 11th October 2020

After the rain cleared on Friday morning (25th Sept) a large colony of crane flies had taken up residence under club house canopy – a fact of passing interest that did not deter the small working party of Claire, Neil, Mike and JohnB, from setting about re-installing the irrigation sprinkler heads and getting the watering up and running.

The ends of the connecting pipework, of necessity, had been buried during the levelling. Anticipating this, templates of their location relative to the boundary were taken on their initial removal. Using these simplified the hunt for the pipe ends and the heads were reinstalled by mid afternoon. Much to the relief of all concerned water flowed through all 6 sprinkler heads by teatime, however, too much water flowed from and around No. 6, in corner 4, from a failed head seal.

The same team was involved in the consequential replacement work undertaken the day after the final check levelling, seeding and installation of the white germination fabric, completed by Monday evening. The germination sheet is a fleece like material that seems to attract foxes to dig it up, so a temporary fence has been put up in an attempt to deter them. In the photo you may notice the crane flies still in residence and the brewery black cat has adopted the area and is on guard.

Hopefully now the intense activity has now calmed down, and we can “sit back and let the grass grow under our fleece” …for a while.

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