Speed Doubles

By - 06th June 2018

The first Saturday in June saw a dozen players in whites, most anyway, rushing about the lawn; they were playing Speed Doubles.

The game is Association alternate-stroke doubles, played on half lawns to a tight total time limit of ten minutes play per side, meaning that the games are short and there is no hanging about.

Players were grouped into low handicap and high handicap i.e. those that play AC often and those that play rarely. Different pairs were selected each round with one high and one low, so at least one on the team knew what they were doing! Scoring was by points aggregate. At the end of the day, much to her surprise Judy came out the winner with John Knight one point behind.

For those wondering how the total time limit is organised… it is done with clocks!

As the time runs out, the Countdown theme begins…

A warm sunny day, 5 games of croquet with a splendid “Freda” lunch in the middle – what more could you ask for. Well, more members taking part in the fun would be good. [Editor’s note; the event was organised on the same day as the Derby at Epsom and several of the more seasoned AC players have a keen interest in going there].