The Rosamund 2019

By - 22nd August 2019

The Rosamund trophy is the entry level AC competition named in honour of Rosamund Vulliamy – a member for many years. She was the wife of Colonel Vulliamy who revitalised the club in the 1970s.

The format is entry level AC played over 18 points, off base 12 (which ensures both players get bisques). It is primarily aimed at members new to the club or new to the association game.

In this year’s final both Michael Bye and Phil Davies had 8 bisques apiece. The day was warm and sunny, and the audience for the game was around a dozen and they were entertained by some interesting play. After 1¾ hours play there was nothing in it, with both having scored 9 hoops, however Michael had used all his bisques up in the first hour but Phil had a couple remaining.

As it turns out, Phil didn’t need his remaining bisques, and pulled ahead pegging out +8. Incidentally the same winning margin as when they met earlier in the block stage.