Sadly, as it stands, croquet doesn’t exactly get a lot of coverage on TV, so for now then online videos tend to be the best way to see games being played.  Here, we’ve listed some of the higher profile and more interesting examples of games available online.  There isn’t always much commentary, but you can get a feel for how the game is played at the higher levels. We’ve also made sure to include some videos from our club itself!


Croquet Association Promotional Short Film

The title says it all, really, but this is a good video for highlighting some of the key aspects of the game.


Wimbledon Croquet Club Visit

Wimbledon is known for tennis, but its full name is “The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club”. In 2013 Reigate Croquet Club organised a day out to have a look around, and a little game or two.


Longman Cup Final – 2009

You can see some of our members here looking a little younger, as they took on Bury in the final of a club competition.


RPCC Exhibition

Watch Jamie Burch play Geoff Gunton in an exhibition match, set up for National Croquet Day 2016.


Reg Bamford V Ahmed Nasr – Golf Croquet World Championships 2013

This is one of the most impressive games to date of Golf Croquet.  This is only the first of 5 games in this match, and you’ll need a few hours to get through them all, but it’s a great showcase of Golf being played at the highest level.


Paddy Chapman’s First Person Triple Peel

Another of the top players in the world, Paddy Chapman here puts a camera on his head and demonstrates a speedy Triple Peel, to give you a new perspective on how it’s seen.  While he makes this look easy, in practice then it’s anything but!


Tobi Savage’s Incredible Jump

Sometimes you need your ball to jump over another ball to get where it needs to go. Sometimes you try to run a hoop at the same time. Rarely, top players will jump over entire hoops. In this short video, Tobi jumps the peg and runs the hoop, in a game winning shot!


If you’re looking for more, then Cornwall Croquet Club have a much more extensive list of videos available.