B-League v Ember

By - 12th July 2019

Sadly, the B league team lost to Ember by one match to two.

The day started badly when a serious accident at Cobham services closed the M25 at junction 9, and as a result the doubles partnership of Frank and Mike B did not arrive at Ember until about 10:40. They were obviously so unsettled(!) that they lost a shortened 18-point match by about 12:15.

After an excellent lunch the two singles matches started early, after the lengthy process of counting out the bisques (to base 6 in B-league). Phil put up a valiant fight but succumbed by 7 points in the end. Simon just managed to scrape home by 5 points after his opponent missed a six-foot roquet when on 4-back and peg.

Fortunately the journey home was a little easier.