The People

Here's where you'll find all of our members, smiling back at you! The numbers you'll notice by their names are their handicaps, in case you're interested!

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Chairman John Bristow
John Bristow A:8 G:3
Secretary Simon Ling
Simon Ling A:11 G:6
Honorary Treasurer Andrew Gray
Andrew Gray A:4.5 G:5

Committee Members

Child Protection Officer Claire Brugger
Claire Brugger A:24 G:10
Competitions Secretary Douglas Dykes
Douglas Dykes A:12 G:3
Social & Membership Secretary Freda Knight
Freda Knight A:22 G:7
Golf League Manager Judy Perry
Judy Perry A:20 G:8
Handicapper Martin Peacock
Martin Peacock A:7 G:2


AC B League Manager John Knight
John Knight A:16 G:8
Grounds Supervisor Lester Gould
Lester Gould A:22 G:7
Facilities Co-ordination Mike Barnard
Mike Barnard A:18 G:8
AC A League Manager Neil Coote
Neil Coote A:1.5 G:1
Friendly Matches Sue Rice
Sue Rice A:20 G:5

Other Members

Alan Slade
Alan Slade A:10 G:8
Barbara Bristow
Barbara Bristow A:NP G:NP
Bob Nicholls
Bob Nicholls A:22 G:6
Caroline Barnard
Caroline Barnard A:22 G:10
Chic Fell A:24 G:12
Chris Kiek
Chris O'Byrne
Chris O'Byrne A:-1 G:-1
Chris Parker
Chris Parker A:6 G:4
David Connah
David Connah A:20 G:9
Di Langridge
Di Langridge A:22 G:8
Dilys Allen
Dilys Allen A:24 G:12
Frank Burch
Frank Burch A:8 G:3
Geoff Gunton
Geoff Gunton A:3.5 G:5
Ian Archer
Ian Archer A:NP G:NP
Jamie Burch
Jamie Burch A:-2.5 G:-3
Jill Dawson
Jill Dawson A:22 G:10
John Bramhall A:20 G:12
John Dawson
John Dawson A:18 G:7
John Hyde
John Hyde A:7 G:5
John Prior
John Prior A:8 G:6
Joyce Carlisle
Joyce Carlisle A:22 G:10
Laurence Hughes
Laurence Hughes A:20 G:10
Lorna Jenkins
Lorna Jenkins A:20 G:9
Lucy Beach
Lucy Beach A:9 G:7
Margaret Murphy
Margaret Murphy A:20 G:9
Michael Bye
Michael Bye A:20 G:2
Pam Tillett A:22 G:10
Phillip Davies A:16 G:4
Roger Tedstone
Roger Tedstone A:1.5 G:1
Sally Mackinlay
Sally Mackinlay A:22 G:7
Stephanie Hammersley
Stephanie Hammersley A:22 G:10
Tricia Jubert A:20 G:12