Association Croquet - One Ball Handicap Calculator

A simple tool that may come in useful! We also have a similar gadget for Golf Croquet, and another for regular Association Games.

Handicap Calculator

One Ball Handicapping is a funny thing, as it's the only variation of the game which takes both your Association AND Golf Handicaps into account. The reason for this is that while it incorporates all he rules from Association Croquet, in most levels then skills from Golf Croquet are the most prevalent. This means that if somebody only plays Golf, and not Association, they would have a massive advantage if the outcome was only based off their (lack of) Association Handicap.

Full details about how exactly this works are available on the Croquet Association Website.

To try to claim a little fame out of this, we'll also mention that Kevin Carter, who devised the current 1-Ball Handicap system, was once a member at Reigate, before he relocated to Surbiton Croquet Club.

Player 1

Player 2

Note that there are some other considerations when allocating bisques, particularly in relation to timed games. There's a lot more information about this on the Oxford Croquet website.