Croquet Toolbox

On this site, we sometimes add features to solve problems people may have.  Now that we have a few of them, we’re creating this page to give an overview of what’s available.

Club Finder

We’ve integrated with Google Maps, to make it easier for you to find CA clubs around the country.  You can find your nearest clubs, or get more details about any specific venue.


Handicaps, Bisques and Extra Turns Calculators

It can be tricky to work out who gets how many bisques, how to fill out your cards after games, and so on.  We take the hassle out of that, with a simple-to-use form that instantly gives you all the information you need – it can even handle doubles!  We have versions for:

Association Croquet Bisque Calculator

Golf Extra Turns Calculator

1 Ball Association Bisque Calculator


Lawn Designer

When coaching or commentating, it can sometimes be hard to describe situations on the lawn, so we built a Lawn Designer, where you can drag balls to where you want them, add clips on hoops if desired, and then save the image permanently for future reference.  Again, we have versions for both Association and Golf.  Because we’re nice like that!