The Club runs three main types of competition.

Firstly the Club tournaments which run from October of one year to the finals in September of the next year. These include both Association and Golf Croquet events. Most are handicap based with both singles and doubles events being played. Two competitions are held under and “advanced rules”, one of these is the scratch based Club Championship. We also hold a heat of the All England Handicap events, both Association and Golf Croquet, usually in May with the finals of these events in July followed by the Club BBQ.

Secondly there are a number of less formal events held on “Club Days” these are usually on Saturday afternoons and include Golf Croquet, Short Croquet, Speed Doubles and a number of other variants of the game.

Finally there is a programme of matches, both in the leagues and friendly matches. These are often held on Sundays.

Fortunately, the handicap system means that players of very different abilities are able to play each other on an equal footing and the nature of the game allows people of all ages and both sexes to play each other in the same competitions.

There are also many tournaments organised throughout the season by the various clubs and a nice feature is that although these competitions are closely contested it is always done in a friendly spirit and always with a strong social element.