The Game

There are lots of excellent resources online for learning about Croquet, from the rules, to tactics, to studies into the psychology of your opponents!  Below you’ll find some of our own articles, and a number of links to articles and sites which we’d recommend.

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Learning the Game

A Quick Overview of Association Croquet
This isn’t the place for learning all the rules and so on!  It’s just intended as a brief introduction to give you an idea of what’s involved in the game.

A Quick Overview of Golf Croquet
Golf Croquet has been described as a “Fabulous, evil, tactical game”, and who are we to disagree?! This page will give you an idea of what you can expect!

The Croquet Association’s Overview
The CA is England’s National Governing Body for Croquet, and this is where they keep a lot of their information on Association Croquet.

Oxford Croquet – How To Play
Oxford Croquet has established itself as the online home of Croquet tactics and playing information.  A site which is well worth clicking around in, as it has so much to offer!

Maui Croquet Club
Lots of well written information in here, with articles aimed at a variety of different levels

Clarke Croquet
Chris Clarke is one of the very best in the world of Croquet, as is his wife Jenny, and between the two of them they offer a huge amount back to the croquet community.  This site is a relatively recent development, to which they’re continually adding more useful information and quizzes for both Association and Golf.

Croquet Glossary
A great resource from Oxford Croquet, giving definitions and more information on much of the terminology used in the croquet world.

Croquet Scores
While live video streaming is slowly starting to pick up steam in the croquet world, for now the most common way to follow the more high profile tournaments is via text commentary, over at Croquet Scores. Due to the system allowing anybody to launch a commentary, you get a range of approaches, from whimsical to functional. The Association games can be a little intimidating to follow at first (there’s a certain amount of nomenclature to get to grips with!), but for a classic example you might care to peruse the commentary for the 2017 Open Championships Final.

Beginner’s Guide to Learning to Play Croquet
A simplified introduction to the game, with some nice detail about the history and origins of the game. Thanks to Amelia from Study Map for finding and suggesting this addition!