Alan Grant Candlesticks

Unfortunately, due to COVID, it has been decided that this competition will not go ahead in 2020.


Doubles handicap play, individual handicap capped at 20

Open to all club members – two blocks, winners and runners up progress to the semi-finals.


Block A

Name 1 2 3 4 Wins Place
1 Simon Ling & Doug Dykes
2 John Bristow & John Hyde
3 Martin Peacock & Neil Coote
4 Andrew Gray & Michael Bye



Block B

Name 1 2 3 Wins Place
1 John Knight & Lucy Beach
2 Geoff Gunton & Phil Davies
3 Alan Slade & Frank Burch



Knockout Stage

Semi Finals Final

Winner Block A


Runner Up Block B

Winner Semi Final A

Winner Block B


Runner Up Block A

Winner Semi Final B

NP = Not Played