Golf Croquet Handicap Calculator

A little tool that might make your life easier! You also might be interested in our Association Croquet Handicap Calculator, and another for 1 Ball Association Croquet.

Singles Handicap Calculator

Singles is pretty straight-forward to work out - simply subtract one handicap from the other, but this calculator will also tell you the steps between the players, as well as adjustments for longer and shorter game-formats.

Doubles Handicap Calculator

Doubles can get a little tricky to work out, so let this tool do it for you! The main thing to be aware of is that the lower handicap player from each side gets compared to the higher handicapped opponent (pre March 1st, 2019 it was the other way around).

Note that only the person allocated the extra turns may take them - their partner is not entitled to use them. There's a lot more information about this on the Croquet Association website.