Roll-up Sessions

On most Tuesdays and Saturdays we have Roll-up sessions, which are informal, sociable events where members can all turn up for some relaxed competition, usually with at least one tea break!

Roll-ups are ideal for new members, as you get to play with a variety of people, who will all be happy to give as much or as little advice as is wanted – in fact, we usually introduce first timers through these sessions.

You’ll usually find people here playing Golf Doubles, although there’s also the option to try out Association if you wish.

The timing is flexible, so you can turn up at any point during the allocated time, and you’ll be sure of getting a game. The club will provide any equipment you need, so all you have to bring is some flat shoes.

If you’re interested in giving it a go, then get in contact – you’ll be very welcome!

More specific details can be found below

Our roll up Sessions are held on Saturday mornings (10am – 1pm) and Tuesday afternoons (1pm-4pm in the summer; 12noon – 3pm once the clocks change). They are open to everyone and intended to provide an opportunity to play with a wide range of members in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

The general rule is that open sessions are played on half lawns to allow many to play and to spread the lawn wear.

The sessions are primarily for 7 or 13pt doubles GC play, apart from the Saturday sessions when one half lawn is available for alternative play (such as one ball, short croquet AC) if and as required.

It is recommended that if you want to participate in an alternative game you should be ready to play at the start of the session, otherwise you may have to wait until the golf games on that half lawn have completed.

Double banking on both half lawns is to be expected, so please carry appropriate markers with you.

The guidance for Roll-up sessions is quite straightforward:-

  • Please leave the lawn completely after each game to ensure that everyone participates
  • Ensure that you do mix around, and remember you must invite any players sitting out before you start a new game
  • Typical maximum time period for any game is 1 hour
  • Please be prepared to play with any other members or visitors
  • If you finish a game while other games are still in progress and no one is waiting, you may start a further game until another game finishes, then mix in with those players

Attend these sessions whenever you can, and bring friends who are interested in knowing more about the game.

There will be several Club Days during the season which may be arranged in Saturday roll up times. These will be advertised well in advance, please put the dates in your diary and participate in as many as you can.