Copper Cups

Association, alternate shot handicap doubles

Usually two blocks, with the winning pairs playing the final on Barbecue Day. Blocks to be determined.

This competition was previously known as the Gordon Goodchild, but was renamed in 2016 in order to commemorate John Copper, a 5 time winner of this competition.


Block A

Name 1 2 3 4 Wins Place
1 Frank Burch
Caroline Barnard
+1 -11 -9 1
2 Freda Knight
John Bristow
3 Alan Slade
Joyce Carlisle
+11 -1t
4 Doug Dykes
Phil Davies
+9 +1t



Block B

Name 1 2 3 Wins Place
1 Neil Coote
John Knight
2 John Hyde
Mike Barnard
3 John Bramhall
Simon Ling


Knockout Stage

Semi Final Final
Winner Block A
Runner Up Block B

Semi Final A


Semi Final B

Winner Block A
Runner Up Block B