Croquet Dogs

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Loopy watching Reggie v Sooty in the semi

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@lucyjanebeach from Reigate is a little-known tactical genius, and has developed a concept called “Sentry Leaves”, where she’ll end a turn with all 4 balls together, making for an easy start, but leaving her dog, Clover, guarding the balls, on the understanding that her opponent will be too afraid to take their shot, deem it, and she can continue. This particular version is called the “4-Leave: Clover” #croquetdogs #croquet #dogs
Dog score: 9.5 - part-time therapy dog, part time rat catcher, this dog has it all!
Croquet score: 10 - the dog is part of the game!
Deductions: -2 for an awful, convoluted caption
Total score: 8.75

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Bella patiently waiting for @dohajazz at Southwick #croquetdogs #croquet
Dog score: 9.5 - just beautiful!
Croquet score: 9 - actual real-life croquet being played in the background!
Total score: 9.25

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Lara at Surbiton #croquet #croquetdogs
Dog score: 8.5, just don’t ask what she’s eating!
Croquet score: 4. I’m a poor photographer
Total score: 6.25

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Miss Belle, courtesy of @fairytalesnfit #croquet #croquetdog #dog

Croquet Score: 4 (Recreational equipment)
Dog Score: 9 (Great picture, dog is clearly invested in the game)
Total Score: 6.5

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Surbiton classic #croquetdogs #croquet

Croquet Score: 2 (Barely any Croquet)
Dog Score: 7 (Not the best picture, but 3 of them!)
Total Score: 4.5

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The great John Solomon, with Sally the lab, in Budleigh Salterton, back in the 70s #croquet #dogs #croquetdogs

Croquet Score: 8 (Famous names - is that Nigel Aspinall...? - at a proper club!)
Dog Score: 3 (Not enough dog)
Total Score: 5.5

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