The Lawn

Croquet Gymkhana - 2014
Croquet Gymkhana – 2014

Secreted away down a side road in Reigate, our lawn hasn’t moved since the club was established in 1923, with far reaching views all the way to the North Downs!

While croquet lawns are usually measured as 35 yards X 28 yards, the lawn at Reigate is a 3/4 size lawn, meaning that it measures 21 yards X 34 yards.

A lot of time and love goes into the lawn by our groundsman and our maintenance team, so all members try to do “their bit” to help out, whether it’s volunteering to help with some of the jobs that need doing, or simply making sure they wear sensible shoes and don’t try any crazy shots that might damage the lawn.

We have also recently implemented a new strip of grass to the North of the lawn, which is where people can practise jump-shots, and other techniques which wouldn’t be suitable in the normal playing area.

It’s pretty common to have other sports going on in the near distance, whether cricket, football or lacrosse, which gives you something different to watch while your opponent is going around!

We have a small club house and kitchen attached, in which you’ll find a kettle, a fridge, and a selection of serve-yourself subsidised beverages. And once you’ve finished, there’s a fine selection of pubs and restaurants nearby for you to enjoy.

New members are always welcome, so if you fancy having a go then we’d love to see you. We can provide all the equipment you’ll need to get started, so there’s nothing stopping you – get in contact to find a time to come and try it out!