Team Fixtures & Reports

Below are all of our league matches – where we have reports for the individual games, you can click on the scores to see what happened!

To find out what the different leagues consist of, you can view our guide to Club Teams.

Date Match (home team first)  League Team (reserves) Result Score
May 15 2019 Reigate A v Cheam A H League John K (C), Freda, Phil and Claire Loss 4-5
June 1 2019 Woking v Reigate A League Neil, Andrew, Geoff, Chris Loss 5-1
June 5 2019 Reigate B v Surbiton H League Michael (C), Lester, Mike B and Claire Win 5-4
June 12 2019 Dulwich v Reigate B H League Doug (C), Mike B, Lester and Claire Loss 6-3
June 17 2019 Merton v Reigate S League Simon, Mike, Frank Win 1-3
June 20 2019 Caterham v Reigate A H League Bob (C), Freda, John K and Phil Loss 7-1
June 21 2019 Merton v Reigate** B League John K (C), Mike B, Lucy, Doug Win 2-1
June 26 2019 Canterbury v Reigate R League Doug (C), Simon Win 2-5
June 28 2019 Cheam v Reigate S League Simon, John K, Lucy Draw 3-3
July 8 2019 Ealing v Reigate A H League John K, Freda, Joyce and Bob Win 5-4
July 11 2019 Ember v Reigate** B League Simon, Frank, Mike B Loss 1-2
July 13 2019 Caterham v Reigate U League Mike, John K, Simon, Alan (Phil, Doug)
July 16 2019 Rother Valley v Reigate U League Mike, John B, John K, Martin (Phil, Simon)
July 30 2019 Rother Valley B League
Aug 7 2019 Compton v Reigate U League John B, Phil, Doug, Martin
Aug 9 2019 Cheam v Reigate B H League
Aug 13 2019 Purley Bury v Reigate A H League
Aug 25 2019 Southwick v Reigate B League
Aug 28 2019 Reigate v Sussex County S League Simon, Doug, Joyce
Aug 29 2019* Surbiton v Reigate U League
Sept 19 2019 Hampstead Heath v Reigate S League Doug, John K, Frank


* Unconfirmed
** Notional home game (as we only have 1 lawn, we can’t actually play at home for some games)