The Longman Cup

The Longman Cup is a National competition, where clubs put forward 4 players to play in an Association handicap, knockout format.  Organised by the Croquet Association, early games take location into account, but as a team progresses they can expect to do a fair amount of travelling across the country!

In the morning, there’s a doubles match and 2 singles, followed by 4 singles in the afternoon, making the result a best-of-seven.  As with most competitions, due to only having a single lawn, our games are always played away, whether at the opposition’s home, or sometimes at a club halfway between the two, when a lot of travel is involved.

Reigate has had some successful forays in the competition, including making the semi finals in 2009 (which we have some video footage of), losing in the semi finals in 2014, and winning it in 2015!

The Longman Cup, when Reigate won it in 2015