B-League Team Update

By - 11th November 2017

Everyone likes to think they know what the “B” stands for in the SECF association league of that name. I like to think that it stands for “best” as the matches are always great fun and everyone enjoys themselves whatever the result!

This is just as well since, although in recent years Reigate Priory have performed relatively well, this year we sadly only managed one victory (against Caterham) out of our four matches. Success or failure often rests with the handicaps of individual players and there has been an unusual amount of movement in the handicaps of team members this season which may well explain our performance.

Thanks go to everyone who played. We are always looking for new team members, so however much or little experience of Association Croquet you have, please do put your name down for next season’s “B” League – it really is the “best”!