Solution to a Dry Lawn

By - 23rd June 2018

For the past few weeks, a combination of issues with the watering system and the beautiful weather has led to the lawn bearing the brunt, getting faster and “bobblier” with each passing day.

While most members have adapted, through methods such as “No hitting the ball quite as hard”, the ever inventive Neil Coote checked the rule book, and came up with his own solution.

During their Candlesticks game v Andy and John, Neil followed Martin around the lawn, watering the ground wherever his partner wanted to hit the ball (as proved by the picture, which has in no way been taken out of context).  This led to a minor controversy when John asked to borrow the watering can, with Neil responding “Should’ve brought your own”, and running away.

The watering can made all the difference, as Neil pegged out for a +4 win, so expect others to follow his example, and CA branded watering cans to be hitting the shelves near you soon!