AGM makes Andy Gray an Honorary Member

By - 15th April 2024

After 17 years as Treasurer, Andy Gray was made an Honorary Member of the club at its November AGM as he handed over the role to Martin Peacock. It was a meeting that reflected on a Centenary Year of events, with the Chairman, John Bristow, declaring the effort involved in planning and holding the various events to have been worthwhile and congratulating all those involved in their organisation for a job well done.

A busy programme of club competitions was held during 2023, augmented by a Centenary Plate event, and trophies were awarded to the winners. Membership stood at 48, which is a good number for a one-lawn club, but recruiting younger members is important, the membership secretary reported.

The 2023 AGM was held in the Cricket Club’s pavilion

The meeting concluded with a delicious meal was served by Freda Knight and her helpers.