Wet Cracker still went off with a bang!

By - 15th April 2024

Early December was wet.

Very wet.

Too wet, it seemed, for the Christmas Cracker to take place, with early arrivers finding the lawn waterlogged and unplayable. But they were not beaten and set up some wire hoops on the cricket pitch outfield: on a slope; uneven and muddy. It made for some interesting seven-hoop games of doubles, in which the unusual topography proved a great leveller.

Luck, more than logic, and scrappy – more than skilful – play produced four finalists: Geoff Gunton and John Prior vs Simon Ling and Alan Slade. Geoff and John walked off with the prizes – an RPCC Centenary Mug each – bringing to an end a year of memorable events to mark our first 100 years.

Spot the ball(s): Christmas Cracker finalists (L-R) John Prior, Simon Ling, Geoff Gunton and Alan Slade
seem to be playing a new ball-free version of croquet.