Club Day

Dawn To Dusk

Just after 6am on March 5th, it was dark on the lawn but members were busy setting out the hoops and tightening them, ready for the long day of croquet – part of our Centenary Celebrations. The chairman was halfway up a pole at the far end of the lawn wearing a head torch and setting up a freeze-frame camera,… Read more →

The Return of Club Days

16 players all simultaneously playing croquet on the club one-and-only lawn enlivened the dull dry day Saturday 4th September. The occasion was the end of season “Chairman’s Choice” club day. The game played [dubbed Fusion Croquet by the Chairman when hard pressed for a name] was a hybrid of AC, GC and One-Ball; fuller details at the end of this… Read more →

2020 One-Ball Charity Event

On Sunday 15th March we have our annual Charity One-Ball competition which, this year, is raising money for Macmillan. One Ball is Association Croquet, but with one ball per side, and tends to encourage accurate shooting and hoop running. It is also quick and ideal for playing in cold weather as each turn is generally short.  See our report on… Read more →

Christmas Cracker 2019

A well attended Christmas Cracker was helped out by a lack of precipitation, and heaps of mulled wine! With Martin’s leadership, a version of Golf was played on half lawns, where only 3 hoops were used per game.  This allowed 4 games to consistently be underway with no waiting, ensuring plenty of play for all, and very little sitting around.… Read more →

National Croquet Day

Reigate Priory’s efforts to drum up awareness of the game on National Croquet Day bore fruit this year, as a large number of newcomers came along to see what the fuss was about. Helped along by Lucy’s BBC radio spot (1hr 55mins), locals turned up to try simplified versions of the game and golf matches, in between helping themselves to… Read more →

Chairman’s Choice 2019

The challenge was to get 20 people playing on the lawn at the same time on the day the lawn re-opened after Spring maintenance. Really there were 2 challenges; one was to get 20 members to turn up and play on a cold grey day and the other was to find a game that they all could play. The latter… Read more →

One Ball Charity Event

On Sunday 24th March we had our annual Charity One-Ball competition which, this year, was raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society.  Played on half lawns, we managed to avoid the rain and even saw a little sun in the afternoon! With 14 entrants, some initial confusion over the organisation crept in while the Manager had to contend with the Reigate… Read more →

Quiz Evening Complete!

After a couple of hiccups with finding a suitable date for the quiz, it finally went ahead on March 19th at Reigate Priory Cricket Club. With nearly 50 attendees, made up of a rough 50-50 split between croquet and non-croquet people, participants answered questions ranging from “Who created Caractacus Pott?” to “What colour is a Welsh poppy?”.  A set of… Read more →