COVID-19 – Lawn Closure

As communicated to all members recently, all facilities at the club are now closed. While there was a little hope held out that, with sensible restrictions in place, croquet could possibly continue, it’s clear that it is no longer tenable. Obviously there’s no knowledge of when we’ll possibly be able to re-open, but this will clearly be entirely dependent upon… Read more →

Creed Memorial Cup – 2019

Advanced singles, handicap play The Creed is open to all club members with a handicap of 14 or below.  The draw is split into blocks; if two blocks then Winner A plays Runner-Up B, and vice versa. If three blocks best runner-up and three winners contest semi-finals. If four blocks winners only contest semi-finals.   Block A Name 1 2 3 4 5 Wins Place 1… Read more →

Frances Payne – 2019

Golf – level singles Draw & Process, 13pt games, level play.  Basically, it’s 2 blocks involving the same players, being played at the same time.  The winner of one block plays the winner of the other. Round 1 Round 2 Semi Finals Final Doug Dykes Doug Dykes 2-1 Jamie Burch 7-5 7-2 Jamie Burch 7-6 7-4 Michael Bye Jamie Burch Jamie… Read more →

Alan Grant Candlesticks – 2019

Doubles handicap play, individual handicap capped at 20 Open to all club members – two blocks, winners progress to the final.   Block A Name 1 2 3 4 Wins Place 1 Andrew Gray & Michael Bye +3 +6 +1 3 1 2 Geoff Gunton & Phil Davies -3 +12 +9 2 2 3 John Bristow & John Hyde -6 -12 -5 0… Read more →

Charity One Ball 2020

There was a fairly low turnout for this year’s Handicap One Ball, with only 8 contestants, but this made the organisation somewhat easier for Andy Gray, with 4 games being played at a time on the full lawn. Player on a full lawn, there were two blocks, with the winners competing in a final.  Caroline Barnard and Chris O’Byrne won… Read more →


A certain high-ranking, England-representing member had a slight issue today, when running 4-back from a few yards away in a friendly game of one-ball.  He even tried claiming a retake, due to the ball technically ending up in a wedged position…! Read more →

2020 One-Ball Charity Event

On Sunday 15th March we have our annual Charity One-Ball competition which, this year, is raising money for Macmillan. One Ball is Association Croquet, but with one ball per side, and tends to encourage accurate shooting and hoop running. It is also quick and ideal for playing in cold weather as each turn is generally short.  See our report on… Read more →

Christmas Cracker 2019

A well attended Christmas Cracker was helped out by a lack of precipitation, and heaps of mulled wine! With Martin’s leadership, a version of Golf was played on half lawns, where only 3 hoops were used per game.  This allowed 4 games to consistently be underway with no waiting, ensuring plenty of play for all, and very little sitting around.… Read more →

Reigate Wins at Southwick!

There were three players from Reigate Priory entered into the AC Advanced Tournament at Southwick, 21/22 Sept – Andrew Grey, Roger Tedstone and Neil Coote. Neil & Roger were in the Solomon Trophy, the main event, and Andrew in the Sussex Tumblers. The main event was done as a knockout, and the other was done as a block with all… Read more →

B League vs Sussex County

On a very hot day Reigate’s team of Frank, Simon, Joyce and Phil turned up at Southwick for the B league match against Sussex County. Frank and Joyce had a torrid time of it despite their bisque advantage, and nothing seemed to go right. They eventually lost by 18. Simon’s opponent with a 14 handicap played more like a single… Read more →