Gordon Goodchild 2021

This weekend saw our block stages for the Gordon Goodchild played. A golf tournament, for handicaps 3-8, the weather could have been better but fine play and effective management from Doug saw all rounds completed in good time. Congratulations to Sue Rice and John Dawson for winning their respective blocks, and progressing to the best-of-three decider to be played in… Read more →

Fuller Buckley 2020

  Block A Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 Wins Points Place 1 Geoff Gunton +13 -4t -14 -3 – 1 -8 4 2 John Bristow -13 -21 -20 -13 – 0 -67 5 3 Phil Davies +4t +21 -7 +19 – 3 37 1 4 Simon Ling +14 +20 +7 -7 – 3 34 2 5 John Knight… Read more →

Removing the Ridge – Episode 6

After the rain cleared on Friday morning (25th Sept) a large colony of crane flies had taken up residence under club house canopy – a fact of passing interest that did not deter the small working party of Claire, Neil, Mike and JohnB, from setting about re-installing the irrigation sprinkler heads and getting the watering up and running. The ends… Read more →

Removing the Ridge – Episode 5

After the Sunday work, nothing happened on our lawn Monday, but on Tuesday 22nd it was all go laying down the Rootzone 60/40 (topsoil to you and me) one inch deep across the levelled surface. The levelling and spreading left interesting patterns on the ground. At the end of the day focus shifted to some further laser-levelling and flattening in… Read more →

Removing the Ridge – Episode 4

Sunday was a busy day at the club. It is tempting to say “on the lawn” but of course it’s not there at the moment! The activity started with clearing up the edges and removing debris from the initial vegetation stripping. Some of this was by hand, in the time honoured way, and more later on by dexterous use of… Read more →

Removing the Ridge – Episode 3

By Tuesday night the entrance drive through the gates was clear of parked cars; thanks to Roger with several empty beer barrels and a long blue rope. This enabled the trucks to deliver the 20 tonnes of “Rootzone” directly onto the outfield conveniently near the lawn. The pile is now covered in a white tarpaulin sheet to prevent contamination before… Read more →

Removing the Ridge – Episodes 1 & 2

The story of levelling and relaying the croquet lawn in 10 episodes – the Chairman’s view. The debate begins with “do we want the lawn level or flat?“ This begs the questions “what is level?” and “what is flat?” Level is at the same height above a given datum and flat is all on one plane. The answer to the… Read more →

2020 Finals Day – Sunday 30th August

A few months ago, it was decided not to hold an official Finals Day this year, however as the situation has developed we have decided that four finals will take place on Sunday 30th August. The order of play will be as follows: 9am Frances Payne (Level Golf) John Bristow v Chris O’Byrne …followed by the Creed Memorial (Handicap Advanced)… Read more →

Millennium Trophy Past Winners

2019 Caroline Barnard 2018 Chris Parker 2017 Theo Lewis 2016 Alan Slade 2015 Mike Barnard 2014 Jill Dawson 2013 Sue Rice 2012 Sally Mackinlay 2011 Joyce Hampton 2010 (Not played) 2009 Lorna Jenkins 2008 Lorna Jenkins 2007 Jean Cobbold 2006 Laurence Hughes 2005 John Copper 2004 Andrew Gray 2003 Harriet Bull 2002 John Staddon 2001 Ken Smith 2000 Mike Bottomley Read more →

John Staddon Trophy – Past Winners

2019 Chris Parker 2018 Chris Parker 2017 Geoff Gunton 2016 Geoff Gunton 2015 John Knight 2014 Jon Criddle 2013 Alan Slade 2012 John Bristow 2011 John Knight 2010 Andrew Gray 2009 Mike Bottomley 2008 Lucy Beach 2007 Mike Bottomley 2006 Mike Bottomley 2005 Rex Davis 2004 Geoff Gunton 2003 Wilf Friend 2002 Jon Criddle 2001 John Hyde 2000 John Knight… Read more →