Di’s Doubles Double!

By - 19th August 2019

Even with a different partner, Di won the 2019 Handicap Golf Doubles for the second year running!

Having won all the games in their block, Di Langridge (9) and Chris O’Byrne (0) were up against Jill Dawson (10) and Mike Barnard (7) in the best of 3 final, in front of a small but involved crowd, with the recently reset hoops playing their part in the contest.

In two interactive games that could have gone either way, Di & Chris managed to build and maintain leads, due in no small part to some fantastic shots by Di, including jawsing hoop 6 from the West boundary with the opponent in front of the hoop, and an “In-off-off” at hoop 7, deliberately playing off 2 different balls in one shot to take the hoop.

In the end, the score was 7-4 7-3, with Chris running the final hoop 10 from level with the peg.

It remains to be seen who Di will be winning with next year!