Candlesticks 2019 Final

By - 19th August 2019

Andy Gray and Michael Bye thrashed their opponents Chris & Chris +26 to win Reigate’s Association Doubles Handicap tournament.

After some initial interplay between the two sides, Michael hit in from hoop 2 to corner 3, and with brilliant guidance throughout from Andy took a break to 4B, using 5 of the 7 bisques available.  Having to contend with a bizarre combination of bright sunshine and torrential rain, there were some fantastic shots to keep the break going, including taking off in front of hoop 6 from corner 3, and a stop shot from corner 1 sending a ball to 4 back while getting a perfect rush to 3 back on a ball an inch away from hoop 1.

The Chris’s had chances, but didn’t do too much with them, before Andy embarked upon a break to peg, finishing his turn with a peel on Michael’s ball through 4-Back.

With the Chris’s failing to hit in from that point, Michael made his last two hoops before pegging out his ball, leaving Andy to peg his own ball out and win the game without their opponents having made a single hoop!