National Croquet Day

By - 17th May 2019

Reigate Priory’s efforts to drum up awareness of the game on National Croquet Day bore fruit this year, as a large number of newcomers came along to see what the fuss was about.

Helped along by Lucy’s BBC radio spot (1hr 55mins), locals turned up to try simplified versions of the game and golf matches, in between helping themselves to the catering provided by Freda et al.  8 members came along to assist, and we already have at least 2 new members generated from the endeavours.

We seem to be improving year on year in getting attendees to these events, and there are conversations already happening about next year’s plans.  One very useful aspect is that clubs far and wide all have the same goal on NCD, and are happy to share notes on what works well and what doesn’t – Tunbridge Wells in particular had a successful day and have given us a few ideas to perhaps “borrow” next year!