Reigate Wins at Southwick!

By - 20th October 2019

There were three players from Reigate Priory entered into the AC Advanced Tournament at Southwick, 21/22 Sept – Andrew Grey, Roger Tedstone and Neil Coote.

Neil & Roger were in the Solomon Trophy, the main event, and Andrew in the Sussex Tumblers.

The main event was done as a knockout, and the other was done as a block with all play all.

Neil’s season had been troubled, with a real loss of form, but towards the end of the season he started to turn things around, with some great scalps in tournaments and vastly improved play, so it was fitting that he should make his way to the final, beating two minus players on the way.

The final was a best of three match with Paul Castell as the opponent. It went all the way with Neil winning the last game 26-0 and also gaining a handicap reduction to 1.5 – normal service has been resumed!

In the Sussex Tumblers, Andrew won 4 out of 5 games from the block to claim victory. He also had a handicap reduction to 4.

So congratulations to Andrew & Neil, a great end to the season!