RPCC Internal Competition Results 2018

RPCC Internal Competition Results 2018 – all the winners and runners-up

Presentation of Awards

The trophies for the year were presented by the Chairman

The winners were

Vulliamy Salver: Chris O’Byrne, Runner up Roger Tedstone,

Creed: Martin Peacock, Runner Up Chris O’Byrne

Fuller Buckley: Doug Dykes, Runner up Andrew Gray

Alan Grant Candlesticks: Lucy Beach/John Knight, Runners up Neil Coote/Martin Peacock

Copper Cups: Andrew Gray/Joyce Carlisle, Runners up Lucy Beach/Chris Parker

Frances Payne: Michael Bye, Runner up Frank Burch

Rosamond Trophy: Chris Parker, Runner up Lorna Jenkins

Jubilee Bowl: Simon Ling, Runner up Alan Slade

All England Association: Chris Parker, Runner up Mike Barnard

Knight Tankard – All England Golf: Sue Rice, Runner up Joyce Carlisle

Golf Doubles: Sue Rice/Diana Langridge, Runners up Jill Dawson/Doug Dykes

Millennium Salver: Chris Parker, Runner up Phil Davies

Gordon Goodchild: Bob Nicholls, Runner up Michael Bye

Grass Roots: Phil Davies, Runner up Freda Knight

One Ball: Chris Parker, Runner up Chris O’Byrne