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Croquet Toolbox

Over the past few months we’ve released a bunch of useful features for the croquet community, so we’re pulling them all together into what we’re going to call our Croquet Toolbox, to help everyone keep track of them. If you have any ideas for new features, or comments/suggestions on the existing tools, we’re very keen to hear them! Read more →

Handicap Calculator Update

Following an impressive win for Neil the other day, it transpired that there was an issue with the Association Bisque Calculator on this site, where it didn’t take account of the additional notional handicap steps for updating a player’s index when playing against a minus player. It can be a little confusing at first (you may be interested in David… Read more →

Club Competitions

Just a quick reminder for members that you can keep up to date with the results of our internal competitions on this site, and that all block games with a semi final in the Club Competitions have to be completed by July 22nd (with the remaining games completed by August 12th). Read more →

Lawn Designer

NB This feature is currently in Beta, so your experience may not be completely hassle free! To save the hassle when laying out a lawn for a tutorial, or when explaining a situation, we’ve made a lawn designer.  Because we’re nice like that! Association Version  Golf Version Simply select which hoops the balls are for (if it’s Association) and drag the… Read more →

All The News

Our friends at Tunbridge Wells Croquet have added a nice little feature to their site which consolidates all the news from croquet clubs in the region, helping you keep up to date with everything going on locally – well worth bookmarking for future reference! News from other Croquet Sites Read more →

Calculators Added

Sometimes it can get a little confusing, working out bisques on a smaller lawn in a game of Association, or working out the extra turns in a game of Golf Doubles. Well fret no more, as RPCC is here to make your life easy! We now have calculators for both Association and Golf, which should give you pretty much all… Read more →