Lawn Designer

By - 08th June 2018

NB This feature is currently in Beta, so your experience may not be completely hassle free!

To save the hassle when laying out a lawn for a tutorial, or when explaining a situation, we’ve made a lawn designer.  Because we’re nice like that!

Association Version  Golf Version

Simply select which hoops the balls are for (if it’s Association) and drag the balls to where you want them.

The focus has primarily been on ease/speed of use for knocking up images quickly, which goes hand in hand with a certain amount of limitations, so if you want more control (like a 3D view, physics, ability to zoom, and shot-by-shot control etc)  then have a look at a far more powerful version created by Ian Plummer on the Oxford Croquet site.

The balls and furniture obviously aren’t to scale, for the sake of keeping them easily visible in smaller views,

Plans for the not-too-distant future:

  • Adding in secondary colours
  • Improving the experience on small/mobile screens (although there might not be a huge amount we can do there)
  • Optimising images/offering lower quality/smaller versions


Please feel free to suggest any updates/improvements and we’ll see what we can do.

Incidentally, if you’re into both technical stuff and croquet, you should also check out Brookwood Croquet by Andrew Dutton.