Frances Payne Final 2019

By - 21st August 2019

After a 2 year hiatus, Jamie Burch returned to Reigate Priory’s competitive scene with an appearance in the Level Golf competition.

As a -4, he was strong favourite against Doug Dykes (3), as they played out their best of 3 final in front of a decent crowd.

In the first game, Jamie showed his intent by taking the first hoop with a jump from the boundary, over Doug’s jawsed ball, and continued to race into a 6-0 lead.  Doug managed to run hoop 7 from the North boundary, but that was his only hoop in the first game.

Doug did twice as well in the second game, only losing 7-2 this time, as Jamie’s relentless accuracy showed no signs of letting up.  What had become an exhibition of prowess was a treat for those assembled, and a fitting finale to the second of 3 days of club finals.