Golf Extra Turns Update

By - 23rd February 2019

As of March 1st 2019, there is to be a change in the way that Extra Turns are calculated for Golf Doubles Handicap games.

Currently, the system for Golf Doubles is that you compare the 2 lower players in the opposing teams and take the difference in their handicaps, divide by 2 and round up if necessary. You then do the same for the 2 higher handicaps.

From March 1st, the calculation will be that you compare the higher in one team with the lower of the other team, before dividing by 2 and rounding up if necessary; you then repeat for the other 2 players. We’ve updated the Golf Extra Turns Calculator already to reflect these changes, so you can always let that do the thinking for you!

The same proviso exists that if one team has identical handicaps the player to get the Extra Turns is identified at the start. Please remember that in Golf the Extra Turns are for an individual player and not the team.

Under this system, it is likely that there will be more Extra Turns in the game and, for competitions, it is likely that the timings relating to playing your shot within a maximum of 1 minute will be enforced. This has been trialled for some time and it is felt that under these rules the higher handicap player is able to contribute more to the game.