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Handicap Golf Doubles

Our Annual Handicap Golf Croquet Doubles was played over 22-23 June, with 20 players paired together in approximate high/low handicap order. Thanks to Geoff’s stellar organising, everyone was very clear on when they were (and weren’t!) needed, and all questions had already been answered before the event, which meant everything ran very smoothly indeed! Great weather throughout the weekend, and… Read more →

Golf Rules Update – March 2019

Some Golf Croquet rules have changed, so let us take you through some simple explanations of the changes, so you can make fun of other people when they get them wrong stay up to date! The list, in brief, is: Wrong Ball Scoring Clips Offsides Court Boundary Deeming Faults Any thoughts or questions, please let us know via the comments. Read more →

Golf Extra Turns Update

As of March 1st 2019, there is to be a change in the way that Extra Turns are calculated for Golf Doubles Handicap games. Currently, the system for Golf Doubles is that you compare the 2 lower players in the opposing teams and take the difference in their handicaps, divide by 2 and round up if necessary. You then do… Read more →

Updated Golf Croquet Rules

A few changes have come in to the rules of Golf Croquet, with the general idea of refining and improving the game. What follows is an overview of some of the more significant changes, from Brian Boutel, the Chairman of the WCF Golf Croquet Rules Committee. GeneralThis is a summary of major changes. More detail and explanations may be found… Read more →

Good day for Reigate

On 5th August, Reigate Priory swept the board at the second biggest golf croquet day in the English calendar at Southwick, which this year attracted over 80 players. Reigate II won both the Doubles and Singles Events, a feat that has not been achieved by any club since 2009.  Reigate fielded two teams, Reigate II (Capt Doug plus Michael B,… Read more →