Reigate Win the S League

By - 29th September 2021

The ‘Small’ lawn ‘S’ league (Association croquet) comprises 3 players involved in two doubles and two singles matches. With Martin P out of action, Philip D picked up the reins.

Having organised the dates for the matches early in the season (originally 4 teams, before Hampstead were added late in the day) it then left the player availability to sort out – thanks to Caroline, Doug, Frank, John B and Simon who all stepped up and played their part.

Our first game v Hampstead was disappointing for the team, as Hampstead withdrew the night before, but still a walkover victory. Our game v Merton (away on a very hot day) went to the wire and we were unlucky not to win, the score 2-2. Cheam was always going to be a challenge and we lost 1-3, but the final game of the season we came up trumps winning 3-1 at Rottingdean.

After some calculations (and re-calculations!) this resulted in Reigate Priory winning the group – well done Team!