Parker wins the Fuller Buckley

By - 16th August 2019

The first competition concluded on Finals Weekend 2019 was the Fuller Buckley, a Handicap Association competition, contested by Simon Ling & Chris Parker.

In the Block Stage, Simon and Chris were both unbeaten, although in Chris’ case that only involved winning a single game (although that’s one more than in a block last year!)

With freshly set hoops, and newly cut grass, as well as a handful of spectators, the pressure showed somewhat in the early stages, with both players unexpectedly knocking balls off the lawn on croquet strokes. Simon used up 2 of his 2.5 bisques early on, having only made 3 hoops, but without the pressure of having to decide whether or not to use his extra turns he suddenly raced around to 4-Back.

Chris managed to get in, and played a very tidy break to rover, followed by a second break to hoop 4. There was some back and forth as both took turns to get just about in front of their respective hoops, but spurned the chances, until Chris ran hoop 4 and got himself back up and running, culminating in an excellent angled rover-peel, but unfortunately the striker’s ball could only see partner.  Chris separated Simon’s balls, and left himself a rush to the peg, which he completed after Simon’s near miss to win +13.