Dusk to Dawn – Analysis

By - 16th March 2023

Weather conditions
It was cloudy from Sunrise 06:37 to sunset 17:48, apart from a short 5 minute burst of sun at 1pm. The temperature on the lawn at the start hovered between 0 and -1°C but there was no frost and the back-up lawn on the football pitch was not invoked. By Noon it was 3°C reaching 4°C in the afternoon but dropping back to 1°C by the end of play.

The run of play
In this continuous game 19 rounds of 12 hoops were played over 11hr 11 min. periods. The red-yellows won the first round but then trailed the blue-blacks for most of the day. Both sides achieved their Centennial Century of hoops in round seventeen. However in the last round the red-yellows edged ahead to win by 2 hoops. The chart below shows the run of play during the day.


The scoring rate varied considerably during the day probably reflecting the varied combinations of players in each round. The chart below details the variation with time.

The average scoring rate is about 22 hoops per hour