Dawn to Dusk

As part of our Centenary celebrations, we have a number of events planned, beginning with our Dawn to Dusk Challenge. The Game The format will be level play Golf Croquet, played the conventional way with all the current rules. However, the game isn’t finished at “first to 7” etc., it will continue through to hoop 12, directly to hoop 1,… Read more →

Technology in Croquet

While the fundamentals of croquet have existed for a long time now, many advances have been made in all areas, from the manufacturing of mallets, balls and hoops, to lawn maintenance, to online resources and more. Recently, there have been massive advances released in the world of Artificial Intelligence, from systems that can write complete original essays for students, through… Read more →

AGM Review

At the AGM on Sunday 20th November 2022, Chairman John Bristow outlined a full programme of events and items planned to celebrate the club’s Centenary year 2023. Some 6 events are proposed : a dawn to dusk continuous croquet day in the week the club was formed a new Centenary Plate competition likely to be GC 19-point GC a lunchtime… Read more →

Fitting it in… to win!

In the SECF U-League each of the 4 matches consists of seven 3¼ hour games played in one day between 4-player teams. Conventionally this was played as a doubles and 2 singles in the morning and 4 singles in the afternoon, however this is not possible to fit in on a single lawn club like ours, so all matches were… Read more →

GC Ladies’ Day – Southwick

One lady down! Our team of 5 was reduced to 4, when Caroline contracted Covid on Thursday. Sue had developed a migraine type headache, which affected her all day, and we wondered whether Lorna would manage to play 3 singles and 3 doubles on such a hot day. Despite this, Reigate came 3rd out of 12 teams with 4 wins… Read more →

H League v Dulwich B

Reigate started their GC Handicap league season with a home match on 29th June against Dulwich B, who arrived fairly late having had difficulty finding their way to our lawn both in the town and by getting lost by the bowls club. Maybe that put them off for the day because Reigate emerged the winners by six games to three,… Read more →

S League Victory – SECF 2021

The ‘Small’ lawn ‘S’ league (Association Croquet) comprises 3 players involved in two doubles and two singles matches. With Martin P out of action, Philip D picked up the reins. Having organised the dates for the matches early in the season (originally 4 teams, then Hampstead were added late in the day) it then left the player availability to sort… Read more →